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Atmos Ações¹

Ps: Historical performance in U$, net of all fees. Volatility calculated only to trading days.

¹The fund started in:

*Index used for comparison purposes and should not be considered an aim or performance benchmark




Breakdown by Sector %
Consumer Discretionary
Consumer Staples
Health Care
Real Estate 0%
Information Technology
Communication Services
Utilities 0%
Others 0%
Cash 0%
Cap Size % Portfolio
> R$20bi
R$10bi to R$20bi
R$5bi to R$10bi
< R$5bi
Liquidity % Portfolio
> 500 MM
50 MM to 500 MM
10 MM to 50 MM
< 10 MM

Ps: Average trading volume of the last 20 days.

Current NAV / Average NAV - FIC FIA **
Current NAV / Average NAV - Master FIA **

** Average NAV last 12 months



Provide clients with income above the long-term interest rate from investments made predominantly in the stock market in Brazil.

Investment Policy

The Fund invests at least 95% of it's NAV in Atmos Master Fund. The Invested Fund seeks to invest in companies with growth potential, long-term sustainable competitive advantages and managed to generate value for all shareholders. The Invested Fund may use financial derivative market instruments to hedge expected returns.

Eligible Investors

Qualified investors as defined in CVM Instruction 554/14.


Before making an investment decision, it is important for the investor to know and understand the investment fund's risk factors, which can be found in the Fund's documents available on this website.


Inception Date
Minimum subscription amount
R$ 50.000,00
Minimum subsequent orders
R$ 10.000,00
Minimum balance
R$ 20.000,00
The fund is currently closed for new investments.
Investment NAV
NAV of the business day following the date of the investment.
Redemption Conditions
Daily redemptions.
NAV of the 10th business day after the redemption request.
Alternatively, NAV of the following business day after the redemption request upon payment of Redemption Fee of 10% (credited to the benefit of the fund).
Payment: Two business days after the NAV conversion.
Management Fee
2.0% p.a. of fund’s NAV
Taxa de Performance
10% of returns exceeding the benchmark of IPCA + x% p.a., annually. X Factor is the average (arithmetic mean) of the daily indicative rate of bonds from IMA-B 5+ from October, November and December from previous year, where indicative rate is the weighted average (weighted mean) of NTN-B 5+ yield to maturity over inflation.
Anbima Category
Equity Investors
KPMG Auditores Independentes
BTG Pactual Serviços Financeiros S.A. DTVM
Banco BTG Pactual S.A.
Investment Manager
Atmos Capital Gestão de Recursos Ltda.
Additional Information
For further information please consult the fund's regulation.

For more information, please contact us at:            Phone +55(21)3202-9550 

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